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YouTube Ad skipper to Auto skip YouTube ads after 5 seconds when skip ad appears
❖ Please read this before rating "Advertisement Captain for YouTube - Skip YouTube promotions" with less stars 
  • Advertisement Captain for YouTube will tap the skip promotion button for your sake and quiet the sound while promotion is playing. 
  • Promotion Captain for YouTube will Auto-affirm dumb "Video delayed. Keep watching" cautioning so you can make the most of your preferred playlist with no interference with YouTube Constant (Premium) 
  • The quiet sound component is trial and may not fill in true to form on all gadgets. On the off chance that it's not working for you, you can turn it off. 
  • Advertisement Captain for YouTube is a YouTube Promotions captain, not a YouTube Advertisements blocker subsequently won't square YouTube promotions. 
  • In the event that you are searching for a YouTube promotion blocker to square YouTube advertisements, Advertisement Captain for YouTube isn't for you.
❖ Why use Advertisement Captain for YouTube - Skip YouTube promotions and quiet promotions? 
  • Presently dispose of those irritating YouTube promotions popping each other second, moronic "Video delayed. Keep watching?" cautioning while at the same time tuning in to your preferred playlist and destroying your experience of viewing YouTube recordings by downloading this YouTube promotion captain. Advertisement captain for YouTube will consequently skip YouTube ads(not square) and mute(experimental) them without your communication. On the off chance that you will be you irritated with such a large number of YouTube Promotions and skipping them by tapping on Skip Advertisements after consistently or third video, YouTube Promotion captain is the main application you need. 
  • (Note: Advertisement captain for YouTube is a YouTube promotion captain, not a YouTube Promotions blocker. YouTube Promotion captain doesn't square YouTube advertisements, It just skips YouTube advertisements when Skip Promotion button is shown and quiet the sound while advertisement is playing)
❖ Advertisement Captain for YouTube key highlights 
  • Skip YouTube Advertisements automatically(not square) when Skip Promotion button is shown 
  • Quiet the sound until YouTube Advertisement is playing(experimental) 
  • Auto-affirm inept "Video delayed. Keep watching" cautioning so you can tune in to your preferred playlist with no interference with YouTube Relentless (Premium) 
  • Advertisement Captain for YouTube can expel 10 seconds delay between videos(Premium) 
  • No compelling reason to physically skip YouTube Promotions 
  • Promotion Captain for YouTube is just around 2MB in size 
  • Root authorization isn't required since it's anything but a YouTube Promotion blocker 
  • Effectively turn on/off skip promotions or quiet sound with spotless and basic UI 
  • Get less number of promotions on YouTube after Advertisement Captain for YouTube 
  • Promotion Captain for YouTube is bolstered on all significant Android gadgets
How to use :
  • Install the "Ad Skipper for YouTube - Skip YouTube ads" and allow required permissions.
  • Ad Skipper for YouTube will now skip YouTube ads on your behalf.
  • Make sure to enable BACKGROUND EXECUTION and AUTO-START permission from your device settings to keep the app service running.
  • Open YouTube app and Enjoy
Important : 
  • In some devices, Android disables the accessibility permission of the app after some days. If this happens, just open the Ad Skipper for YouTube once and Re-enable the accessibility service.
  • MI Users may need to reboot their device once after installing the Ad Skipper for YouTube.
  • Ad skipper for YouTube is not a YouTube Ads blocker. It does not block YouTube ads. It just skips YouTube ads when the Skip Ad button is displayed and mutes the ad audio and doesn't block YouTube ads. Ads are the way for developers to earn money, so we don't block YouTube ads.
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Download Ads Skipper
Ad skipper for YouTube - Skip YouTube ads deserves your try right away. It is the simplest but the most useful YouTube Ad skipper. So download the Ad skipper for YouTube and enjoy YouTube Non Stop and take your YouTube watching experience to the next level. We're always excited to hear from you. If you have any problems, suggestions or regarding "Ad Skipper for YouTube" feel free to contact us. 
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