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The Hydro application is a simple water drink reminder, to motivate you to regularly drink the correct amount.

On the off chance that you don't drink the right measure of water, this is the ideal application, which will reestablish your solid propensities and will assist you with thinking about legitimate hydration.
In the wake of introducing, the application mini-computer will ascertain and recommend the water request of your body, which will end up being your day by day objective to accomplish. 

Updates that you can conform to your needs will guarantee that you will never again disregard routinely drinking water and furthermore screen and look at your outcomes on diagrams and measurements. 

Because of its functionalities just as the plausibility of full personalization, Hydro is the most progressive use of this sort available. Attempt it yourself.

Application highlights include : 

★ Water request number cruncher – will ascertain and propose the measure of water to drink every day 

★ Reminders – will guarantee standard hydration 

★ Charts and insights - will show your advancement as you consistently drink water 

★ Adjustable sizes of compartments - modify them to your needs 

★ programmed reinforcement duplicates in a cloud 

★ information move between different gadgets 

★ access to investigations and outlines from internet browser (

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Regular consumption of fluids may increase your efficiency and vitality, and affect your health and condition.

The demand for fluids depends on the individual dispositions of each person, so the calculations of the Hydro application calculator should be treated solely as auxiliary guidelines. 
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